Offering Work Experience Placements to UCB Students

It is our ambition that all UCB students benefit from a period of relevant work experience. We firmly believe that this is the most effective way for students to embed their ‘world of work’ and occupational skills whilst providing employers the fantastic opportunity to support the development of potential employees of the future.

All of our higher education courses provide either an optional or voluntary work experience placements. Some courses even have a compulsory work placement such as the 48-week paid placement on our Hospitality degree courses and our Culinary Arts degree course. In addition, all of our further education students must go out on meaningful work experience and we aim for these to be either 1 day per week for one or two terms or one or two weeks full time.

We do this because your business needs it; because the ‘lack of work experience’ closely followed by a ‘lack of soft skills’ are the biggest challenges facing employers when you try to recruit. Structured and supported work experience can overcome these challenges. Work experience can also help you promote your business and your sector, reduce your recruitment costs, provide a ‘try before you buy’ and make your business an employer of choice.

We need your help to achieve this.

Please contact either:

  • – the hired@UCB team deliver the careers, employability, placement and enterprise support for UCB students
  • Or call 0121 232 4322 and speak to Natasha Lawson-Hollingsworth, Employer Engagement Officer.