The La MANCHE project aims to promote the modernisation of higher education in Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova.

Funded through the European Union Tempus programme, it is a collaborative project between four EU universities and universities from 23 Eastern neighbouring states. 

The research seeks to identify leadership skills and management models at higher education institutions (HEIs) in the participating partner countries (PCs) and map the broader environment and socio-economic conditions in which higher education modernisation takes place. 

The project transfers context-sensitive good governance practices and models for effective leadership and change management from EU HEIs to the institutions in the Eastern neighbouring states. It builds the leadership capacities of the senior management at PC HEIs with a focus on transformational leadership.

La MANCHE seeks to provide a sustainable platform for critical dialogue and promote joint problem-solving and interaction among PC HEIs and other key stakeholders. 

UCB academics Sarah Digby, Simon Blake, Rachel Mason and Victoria Wynne are focusing on the development of models and tools aimed at developing the role of students as collaborators in the management of HEIs. This toolkit is designed to support shared leadership and the co-creation of change – and the management of the consequent change processes – for HEIs in transition. 

Young Leaders Academy for La MANCHE September 2014

UCB students Nethan Punj and Joe Margetts attended the Young Leaders Academy in Bulgaria. IUC, Bulgaria hosted a training and networking event for students from the La MANCHE consortium. The Young Leaders Academy was attended by 62 students from the 28 institutions. The purpose of the academy is to build students’ leadership skills and empower them to engage in the university governance processes. UCB academic Victoria Wynne delivered a series of workshops at the academy on the role of mentoring in leadership and management.

Watch the La MANCHE project promotional video.