EUGANGS is a collaborative research project with universities and private sector organisations in seven European states.

The project, funded by the European Union Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme, is investigating the skills required by those working with, or affected by, gangs and gang culture in local areas. EUGANGS is developing and accrediting a new professional qualification to meet the skills needs of the workforce working with, or likely to work in, a gang culture environment.

University College Birmingham is responsible for conducting, collating and reporting research on the skills and needs of professionals and activists in the sector. Additionally, UCB is developing and testing skills programmes for those working with, or are affected, by gangs. 

UCB lecturers Sangeeta Soni and Craig Pinkney have developed a training programme and have successfully piloted a new trainers’ programme, supported with a trainer’s guide and resources to enable those with experience of working in this field to be formally accredited and become trainers either in formal, non-formal or informal VET (Vocational Education and Training) provision. This is being supported with an e-leaning platform.

EUGANGS anchors the knowledge, skills and competences of those touched by gang culture, enabling a sustainable learning process to evolve. It is creating a qualification which is theoretically sound and credible, based on real-life experiences, and achieved through careful and effective consultation with stakeholders.